The union movement has a long history in fighting for the rights of LGBTIQA+ people. 

From Gay Liberation joining the May Day Committee in 1974 to the Gay Teachers and Students Group’s formation in 1975; from the peak union body’s push for anti-discrimination legislation to the Plumbers Union statement, “Homosexual discrimination is an industrial issue and has to be fought on that basis”, unions and their members have a proud history of standing up for LGBTIQA+ rights.

In 2017, when the Turnbull government pushed out the discriminatory and offensive postal survey, the Victorian Trades Hall became the epicentre of the ‘Yes’ campaign here in Victoria. Working in Melbourne and networking across regional trades and labour councils, trade union organisers worked tirelessly, resourcing activists to enrol young voters, put up posters, run street stalls, make phone calls and knock on doors.

Over the 100 days of the postal survey, we put everything into ensuring that the ‘Yes’ vote won.

The challenges facing LGBTIQA+ people at work today remains significant.

It is critical that LGBTIQA+ workers have both knowledge and confidence to stand up for their right to work in a safe, supportive environment. Workplaces are also a space to build resilience as a supportive workplace leads to greater financial security and also better mental health outcomes.

Union Pride is keenly aware of these challenges and now continues to fight for the rights of LGBTIQA+ workers in Victoria.


There are system barriers to LGBTIQA+ people achieving equity
The union movement needs to take affirmative action to erase structural barriers to equality
Collective action is the only way through which meaningful sustainable change will be achieved


Organise LGBTIQA+ people for action
Overturn and change structures, systems and organisations, priorities, and actions to meet our goals



Active involvement of people, unions, and the community to realise LGBTIQA+ people’s rights and safety at work
Accountability to unionists and the wider LGBTIQA+ community
Dismantling the multiple, varied and unique forms of discrimination that LGBTIQA+ people face
LGBTIQA+ people’s experiences being at the centre of action
Collective action to realise LGBTIQA+ people’s rights.